Community Activities

For over four centuries we have never stopped putting people at the centre of our charitable acts and activities, witnessing their hardships and vulnerabilities and striving to provide them with the tools necessary to develop and generate new strengths to face their lives with courage and dignity.

The Seven Works of Mercy, as depicted in Caravaggio’s masterpiece, embodies the image of our centenary activities in favor of the needy, adapted to current times.

Today our main activities are aimed at promoting:

  • employment for young people
  • access to education
  • early diagnosis of diseases and access to health services
  • support for children in educational and economic poverty
  • employment for disabled people
  • support for monentary needs
  • support to other associate organizations in their social work activities

This interpretation of the corporal works of mercy is in no way to be considered exhaustive, however, having to adapt to the evolving manifestations and of “need” and the changing definitions of the needy in today’s society.
We have put our entire premises and artistic heritage at the service of our mission, which has acquired over the centuries a strong social value and become the instrument for carrying out works for the benefit of people and the community at large.

Our projects

The “works of mercy”, to which the original seven founders of Pio Monte della Misericordia decided to dedicate themselves to back in 1602, were those described in the Gospel of Saint Matthew. Four centuries later, without prejudice to the commitment to respond to poverty, the intention was to structure the charitable works by identifying four priority areas:


The quality of education from the earliest days of life is an indispensable premise; that every new human being be given the greatest chance of facing life for emotional, interpersonal, professional, cultural and civic success. Hence the commitment of Pio Monte della Misericordia to support initiatives, projects and organizations that contribute to creating favorable conditions for the intellectual and social development of children and young people within the family, school and extracurricular context.

Employment for the young

A natural consequence of the commitment to education is that of young people’s entry into the world of employment; a pillar of the dignity of the person as enshrined in the Italian constitution. To this end, Pio Monte della Misericordia encourages, through direct and indirect activities (e.g. training, fundraising, participation in public projects), the development of entrepreneurial initiatives for the young in line with the values of Pio Monte itself.


Health is fundamental to every person and is the foundation on which study, work and growth depends. The commitment of Pio Monte della Misericordia, as in education, is aimed at promoting preventive measures  (health education, screenings) and allowing access to treatments and medicines.

Support and welcome

Complementary to the first three charitable needs is that of support and acceptance. These emotional bolsters are also considered crucial to human needs responding, as they do, to the dynamics of life itself at its favorable and unfavorable moments. Hence the commitment to provide constructive, and not simply welfare support, for those who suddenly find themselves in a critical situation.