The Government

An antique founding tradition has it that the governing body of Pio Monte della Misericordia, consisting of seven Governors, convene weekly on Fridays for ordinary and extraordinary administration. The Governors, including the Superintendent, are elected by the General Assembly of Members and hold office for three years, a period that is renewable for a further three years: each responsible for a sector.

The Governors

Noble Woman Fabrizia Paternò of the Dukes of San Nicola
Superintendent and Governor of Personnel,
Accounting and Cash and General Affairs

Count Alberto Sifola di San Martino
Governor of the Artistic and Archival Mobiliary Heritage

Noble Carlo Sersale dei Marchesi Sersale
Governor of Legal Affairs

Noble Don Nicola Caracciolo dei Duchi di San Vito
Governor of Worship and Assistance

Marquis Don Riccardo Imperiali di Francavilla
Governor of Legal Affairs and Legal Affairs of Urban Real Estate

Noble Riccardo d’Andria di Montelungo
Governor of Agricultural Real Estate and Urban Heritage

Noble Woman Floriana Carignani of Carignano of the Dukes of Novoli
Governor of Charity

Supervisory Committee

«The proper and natural affairs of man is Mercy and Charity towards his neighbor» (Royal assent of 1604). For over four centuries, Pio Monte has never stopped putting people and their hardships and vulnerability at the center of their interests, striving to provide them with the tools necessary to generate newfound strengths and foster resilient attitudes in the face of personal adversity.

It has placed its entire real estate patrimony, artistic and archival heritage at the service of its mission, which is predicated upon sound social values, becoming the instrument for carrying out works for the benefit of needy people and the community.

Made up of three members who support the Governors in managing the administration, the

Supervisory Committee has a consultative and auditing function.

Chosen by the Assembly from amongst the members aged no less than forty years, with specific professional skills and administrative competence, the members remain in office for three years and can be re-elected for a second three-year period.

In the period 2015-2021, this consisted of the following members: Duke of San Felice Don Ignazio Frezza, Countess Donna Enrica Sifola of San Martino Torrigiani of Santa Cristina and Sepino, Nobleman Gianpietro Sanseverino of Marcellinara.

From July 1, 2018, Count Don Giuseppe de Vargas Machuca of the Duchi de Vargas Machuca replaced the Nobleman Gianpietro Sanseverino of Marcellinara.

The Supervisory Committee in office

Count Diego Vivarelli von Lobstein

Noble Antonino Sersale dei Marchesi Sersale

Count Don Giuseppe de Vargas Machuca