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Visite guidate

For those who wish to have a private guided tour

The guided tour takes place on two levels with an in-depth historical, artistic and institutional background provided.

In the chapel on the ground floor the architectural structure designed by the architect Francesco Antonio Picchiatti is to be admired, continuing with the illustration and explanation of the paintings by Luca Giordano ,  Battistello Caracciolo ,  Fabrizio Santafede , Giovanni Forlì, Giovan Bernardo Azzolino  and obviously the masterpiece by  Michelangelo Merisi, otherwise known as Caravaggio, “ The Seven Works of Mercy” .

On the first floor you enter the evocative rooms of the historic apartment which houses the precious  picture gallery  with the considerable nucleus of paintings and sketches by Francesco De Mura  as well as works by important Italian and foreign painters from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century including Ribera ,  Giordano ,  Pitloo ,  Stanzione , Vaccaro,  Fracanzano ,  Santafede and van Sommer.

The visit ends in the Contemporary Art rooms.

Appointment time: 10.00 am (duration 1 hour).

Weekly – Every Tuesday.

Number of participants : max 30 people.

Private guide €200.00 + the cost of the reduced ticket.

FREE GUIDED TOURS. First Sunday of the month.

On the first Sunday of the month, in conjunction with the free entrance the state museums offered by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism (Franceschini decree), the Pio Monte della Misericordia offers entry with a single reduced ticket of €8.00 which includes the free guided tour:

Reduced €8.00 with FREE Guided Tour.

The visit will be conducted with at least 15 participants and a maximum of 40.
Begins at 10.30 a.m,  (appointment at the ticket office at 10.15 am)

Event NOT for groups. Purchase online only. A maximum of 4 tickets can be purchased for each transition.


Educational visits aimed at professionals (temporary exhibitions and new installations)

Period : 1 week before the event
Number of participants : max 40 people
Ticket : Free. Entrance by reservation only.
The visit will be led by the curator of the exhibition or by the artist of the current exhibition.

Educational Visits are structured visits exclusively for professionals only. These visits are conducted for the promotion and enhancement of Pio Monte della Misericordia. They are held both to promote the Pio Monte Institution and to raise awareness of the new temporary exhibitions created within the Institution.

The visits are aimed primarily at all authorized guides of the Campania Region, at the cultural associations which include a program of visits to the area, and at all those requesting access for professional reasons.

The Educational Visit is one of the most effective and convincing means of conveying the beauty and generating the interest of our premises and operation, but also the simplest way to enhance and involve the local residents.


Chapel – Picture Gallery

Educational project for the knowledge and valorization of Pio Monte della Misericordia aimed at high schools.

Topics covered during the visit:

The 1600s in Naples.
The Pio Monte della Misericordia and its Works of Art
The Pio Monte and its institutional activities
The Pio Monte today: Its social network

The project aims to disseminate and make Pio Monte della Misericordia known to high school students by way of institutional activities of the past and present.

The guided tour will develop in two stages:

  • *The Introduction will cover brief historical notes on the 1600s.
  • *1st stage: You will visit the Chapel with an in-depth study of Caravaggio’s masterpiece “The Seven Works of Mercy” becoming familiar, in the form of an illustrated story, with every single character in the canvas.
  • Redeeming the Captives , aided by Giovan Bernardo Azzolino’s canvas, will be the second phase of the story.
  • 2nd stage: We will enter the Picture Gallery on the 1st floor, with an explanation of the history of the Institution and the way in which the Governors elected and carried out their charitable works. The ancient heptagonal table and the voting urn will illustrate how the Governors operated.

*Both in church

The visit will last approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.
Guided tour €100.00 for every 25 students + the cost of the school ticket

(€3.00 per student). Free for 2 teachers for every 25 students.


Caravaggio: Comparisons in Art

“The Seven Works of Mercy” and
5 Photographs of Works by Caravaggio

Project for lower and upper secondary schools

Appointment time : 10.00 am (duration: 1 hour).
Number of students : max 25 people.
Location of the event : Chapel.
Entrance ticket : Guided Tour €200.00 + the cost of the ticket (€3.00 per student) (free for 2 teachers)
Period : Monday

Works photographed on ultra-light material panels will be placed on an easel in the church. Comparison and immediate and contemporary viewing of the works in question will be illustrated, including a reading of the  ” Seven Works of Mercy “  with references, analogies, and differences in Caravaggio’s other paintings mentioned below.

The main purpose of this Educational Visit is to give greater attention to Caravaggio’s work through the photographic vision of his other works, so that students will develop a greater visual memory of the historical-artistic contents.

  • The Capture of Christ (National Gallery of Ireland in Dublin) The lantern vs. The candle
  • The Madonna of the Rosary (Kunsthistorisches Museum of Vienna) The different faces of the Madonna
  • The Deposition (Vatican Art Gallery in Vatican City) Burying the dead
  • The Flagellation (Capodimonte Museum in Naples)
  • The Martyrdom of Saint Ursula (Gallery of Palazzo Zevallos di Stigliano in Naples)

NB .  With the same ticket you can access the Picture Gallery (without operator and guided tour).