Opera 5
A great social project so that no one is last

A wonderful social initiative to ensure that no one is left behind

Opera 5 is a socio-health and multi-welfare project promoted by Pio Monte della Misericordia, created with the support of the Fondazione con il Sud. It is of a three year duration and is based in the metropolitan area of ​​Naples, arising from the need to strengthen and support adverse social realities that exist in the Neapolitan territory. The project has already been in operation for years providing multi-purpose support to the weakest sectors of society: disabled people, the homeless, people in a state of serious poverty, minors with serious pathologies deprived of economic or emotional means , families in difficulty.

With a donation, you can make a difference!

  • with 7 euros, you contribute to the purchase of medical supplies
  • with 14 euros, you help us support the accompanying persons service
  • with 40 euros, you pay for a medical visit or psychological consultation
  • with 55 euros, you help support the costs of weekly care for lonely, long-term patients
  • with 99 euros, you will offer support to support families in difficulty
You can do this in two ways:
With credit card/PayPal by clicking here
By bank transfer: send your donation to the IBAN IT92 C030 6909 6061 0000 0186 718
made out to PIO MONTE DELLA MISERICORDIA specifying PROGETTO OPERA 5 Remember to include your email address in the reason for payment (e.g. name.surname at friutti.com/it).

The Opera5 project’s aims are to improve the quality of life of those people in need, implicit

in its name as the fifth work of mercy: treating the sick, just as depicted in Caravaggio’s masterpiece, commissioned by the founders and kept in the seventeenth-century chapel of the Pio Monte della Misericordia in Naples .

The fundraising promoted by Opera 5 will be aimed at carrying out some specific activities, sustainable and permanent in both the health and social care areas.

Center for Families

The Center for Families is a service stemming from the Opera 5 project. Housed in the Casa delle Arti del Pio Monte della Misericordia, it aims at becoming a welcoming and listening space in which the difficulties relating to being parents are addressed with psycho-educational and family orientation support.
Through teamwork with psychologists and psychotherapists, listening groups will be created and individual consultations will be carried out. The aim is to identify critical issues and problems that threaten both the entire functional growth of the family and personal fulfillment within the family unit itself.
The Center for Families wants to create a TIME CARD aimed at financing actions intended for the well-being and development of the family unit (e.g. to reconcile family life and work hours, organize and manage children with disabilities, promote healthy lifestyles according to the WHO guidelines divided by age groups, and nurturing and supporting the expression of individual talents and passions). The Center is open and free for families of the II, III and IV Municipalities of Naples.

“La Scintilla Onlus 1989” Association

Scintilla Onlus 1989 was founded in that year as a reception space for young people with cognitive disabilities and/or autism spectrum disorders, intended to accompany them in their academic years; a period in which families and children are often left alone. Its founder, Annamaria, mother of Aldo, representative of the association, fought hard through La Scintilla so that her disabled son could achieve independence and increase his chances for personal fulfillment.

Today, more than 30 years later, La Scintilla welcomes 20 young people in the premises provided on free loan for use by Pio Monte della Misericordia, promoting paths for work and  autonomy through the learning of new skills and creative workshops. Seven of these XX kids live together from Monday to Friday, accompanied by operators and volunteers, in this way fully realizing the ideal of ​​being a newly enlarged family, an alternative to that of origin, where each person has room to aspire to an adult life within a new context.

With the Opera 5 project La Scintilla is committed to putting into practice the values ​​of the UN Convention on the rights of people with disabilities through actions aimed at family involvement in the construction of an independent life path and the creation of activities that improve concentration, attention, memory, proprioception and control of movement with educational tools to help with integration into the group.

Matthew’s House

“La Casa di Matteo” is a project created within the Cooperativa Raggio di Sole which has been committed for over 15 years to directing people experiencing difficulties of various kinds towards socio-rehabilitative pathways which have as their common thread the objective of improving their quality of life. The project was conceived and established through a real life experience: Matteo was a child who had been abandoned when he is born. Shortly after his adoption he was diagnosed with cancer which would prove fatal. From this traumatic experience, the socio-health community “La Casa di Matteo” was established, committed today to guaranteeing, through two residences, continuity of care for children with serious illnesses that cause severe disabilities and who have complex healthcare needs, seeing to, as well, their educational needs. The aspect that makes this project unique throughout Southern Italy is the emotional and loving support that goes alongside the medical care of a multidisciplinary team made up of specialized nurses and educators.
What “La Casa di Matteo” carries out with Opera 5, through the Bacoli residence, is an ambitious project of welcoming and taking care of families with children with serious illnesses and therefore in need of educational, rehabilitative and healthcare support, including even urgent care.

Massimo Leone Foundation onlus

The “Massimo Leone” non-profit foundation (FML), established in 1994, provides a concrete response to the problem of the homeless in the Campania region. Through the provision of certain services it supports people who find themselves living in a state of social marginalization following a series of stressful events which have also caused the loss of their own housing needs.
Among these services is the outpatient health care center which welcomes and treats homeless people or people in serious poverty, offering free specialist visits. The clinic not only deals with urgent care, it aims to be a source for guidance and research on the physical and mental health of the homeless, with the aim of being able to monitor and treat chronic or frequent pathologies. In this way FML carries out a health observation and awareness-raising function through prevention campaigns.
A new outpatient center will soon be opened established, thanks to the help of many local bodies and projects, including Opera 5.
To make the new health center function as efficiently as possible, some specialist equipment is still needed.