The Social Network

In order to join forces with community organizations who share the same ethos, we work alongside social and cultural organizations that operate predominantly in the Naples area, supporting their institutional activities and projects so as to sustain their growth and multiply their efforts.

In some cases we host, in properties we own, social entities whose values ​​are aligned with our own with the belief that investing in them is investing in our community at large.

Since 2012, together with a number of like-minded charitable organizations, we have created the “Social Network”, a collaboration other charitable non-profit entities out of which ideas, solutions and initiatives useful to everyone with a common socially-minded interest can arise.


The Network Bodies:

Dedalus Coop. soc.
La Scintilla Onlus Association
Association Respiriamo ARTE
ANT Foundation
A Ruota Libera Onlus
Massimo Leone Onlus Foundation
La Locomotiva Soc. Coop. soc. Onlus
Rione Sanità Foundation
Lay Caracciolini Association
Salva 72 Association
SMMAVE Association Center for Contemporary Art
Futura Reality Association
KORA Association

Hermes Association

Since 1898 we have supported the social work of the Santa Maria della Provvidenza Institute, a family-sized community run by the nuns of the Congregation of the Disciples of St. Therese of the Child Jesus, which hosts the historic Pio Monte building in Casamicciola (Ischia) for children who are orphaned or separated from their families and  welcomes the numerous children on the island from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Alliance between philanthropic bodies

In 2016, with the initiative of the Governor Fabrizia Paternò, Pio Monte della Misericordia joined Assifero (Italian Association of disbursement foundations), which brings together over 110 private entities represented by family, business, community and corporate foundations.

The goal is to become a point of reference for institutional philanthropy in Italy.

2020 was an important year to raise awareness of Pio Monte within Assifero.

A first opportunity was provided by a series of meetings reserved for the five centuries-old participating bodies: Opera Barolo , Tavola Valdese , Congrega della Carità Apostolica, Unione Pio della Compagnia di San Paolo, and Pio Monte della Misericordia.


As emerged from the encounters, these charitable organizations, during their long histories, have had to face epochal changes to adapt and respond to the evolving ways of practicing and distributing charity.

Comparing experience proved extremely valuable because they allowed us to study the paths that led ancient realities like Pio Monte to successfully face the challenges of the twenty-first century.

Another significant opportunity presented itself in mid-2020, from the initiative of nine Campania entities present in Assifero, determined to engage in a process of sharing concrete experiences with a view to joint participation in social initiatives in line with the indications of the Agenda of Europe 2020-2027.

A first result is the SPOT project , created together with the Pavesi Foundation. Through sport, theater and after-school activities, we intervene to encourage the cultural and social growth of young people from the disadvantaged neighborhoods of Naples (Scampia, Sanità, and the historic centre).

In Campania nine bodies are associated with Assifero: Pio Monte della Misericordia, the Grimaldi Foundation, the Alessandro Pavesi Foundation, the Salernitana Community Foundation, the Enrico Isaia Foundation, the Angelo Affinita Foundation, the San Gennaro Community Foundation, the Quartieri Spagnoli Foundation, and the Pianoterra Foundation.