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The recovery of Santa Luciella ai Librai

Pio Monte identified a group of inspired young graduates from the “Respiriamo Arte” Association, prepared and motivated to revalue an abandoned historical asset in the historic center of Naples, and contributed to the restoration of the church of Santa Luciella, entrusting its management to the burgeoning association.

In April 2019 the church was opened to the public.

In 2020, the Parmalat group invested in the project and financed the restoration of the church facade.

The association is in partnership with La Scintilla and the Kora Association in a project financed with funds from the Waldensian Church which involves disabled children participating in the tourist reception of Santa Luciella.

The synergistic garden of Portici

In 2017, thanks to funding from the Department for Equal Opportunities, Pio Monte recovered an abandoned piece of land it owned in Villa Barbieri in Portici, and gave it to the youth association, KORA, to manage.

The land has now become a synergistic vegetable garden, in which disabled people from the La Scintilla association collaborate and cultivate their small portion of the vegetable garden.

Workshops for schools and meetings on the theme of agriculture are organised, and the GAS (Solidarity Purchasing Group) has been activated.


Learning to grow

A project of the Dedalus cooperative for unaccompanied foreign minors aimed at remediating their linguistic difficulties and leading the children on orientation and socio-work inclusion courses.

Since 2013, Pio Monte della Misericordia has offered its contribution to the project with a course for learning the Italian language and with training internships in the catering, shipbuilding, crafts and plant engineering sectors.

600 minors have been assisted so far with 28 securing job placements.

In 2020, a young man from the Republic of Mali, Mussa, after participating in the Learning to Grow training course, followed the work internship at the Pio Monte ethical café.

Seven Works of Mercy

From 2016 to 2019, 23 scholarships were awarded to students of the Academy of Fine Arts of Naples as part of the Seven Works of Mercy project. Following a collaborative agreement with the Italian Institute for Historical Studies of Naples, the Government has financed scholarships aimed at understanding the history and institutional works carried out by this Institute

BEYOND the landing

Project for the inclusion of young immigrants, in partnership with the Dedalus cooperative, financed by Impresa Sociale con i Bambini.

Participation in the project provides an opportunity to continue the activities begun with the “Suspended Boys” project and ensures Pio Monte’s involvement  in projects where art becomes a training tool for immigrant minors.