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Families Project

The Pio Monte is committed to supporting and accompanying life projects rather than just providing subsidies.

Since 2021, Pio Monte has allocated a portion of its charity resources to a project targeting families in the area with children, aiming to structure an action plan to combat educational poverty with both short-term and long-term perspectives.

With the support of an educator and the ACLI, Pio Monte can develop and accompany personalized projects and tap into all available public resources. Furthermore, the collaboration with other third-sector organizations has been intensified, enabling support for families in various other areas as well.


For over a decade, Pio Monte has been supporting and accompanying the activities of La Scintilla, which, despite being a small organization, has embraced the challenge of change affecting the third sector. Today, 30 families are involved in both daytime and residential projects.

The impact on the community has changed significantly: thanks to Pio Monte’s support, it has been possible to welcome even fragile families with limited economic and cultural resources, providing a nearly unique opportunity for children in this challenging social context.

Furthermore, through collaboration with the art gallery of Pio Monte, the presence of disabled individuals has been enhanced through social and employment integration activities.

The Santa Maria della Misericordia Institute in Casamicciola

Since 1898, Pio Monte has been supporting the social work of the Santa Maria della Provvidenza Institute, a family-sized community entrusted to the Sisters of the Congregation of the Disciples of Santa Teresina del Bambin Gesù. Housed in the historic building of Pio Monte in Casamicciola (Ischia), the institute accommodates orphaned or separated children and welcomes children and adolescents from disadvantaged backgrounds on the island.

This can be described as an endless work, as the Responsible Sister Edda and her 5 fellow sisters work and dedicate themselves to others without any limit, opening the Institute countless times to endless requests for help.

Today, the abandoned children hosted by the sisters are 6. However, over 100 children and adolescents are welcomed, to whom the sisters and volunteers offer after-school support, recreational activities, in some cases clothes and a hot meal, as well as basic necessities. More than 40 indigent families are supported through the donation of food, medicine, and clothing.

Other works

Mary SS Parish. Immaculate Conception of Aversa

In 2015, thanks to a significant renovation of the parish building owned by Pio Monte, it was possible to create an important reception and solidarity center for the needy in the area, who are provided with food,

medical, legal and fiscal assistance. The center manages to follow over 200 people every year.

House of Divine Mercy of Capua

In 2012 Pio Monte began to support the virtuous community of the parish of SS. Filippo and Giacomo, from which the House of Divine Mercy was created, a prompt and temporary reception center that responds to the most immediate needs of those in great difficulty.

The center has various active services: listening, canteen, dormitory, assisted shower, doctor’s office. The center offers 70 meals a day, of which 20 are takeaway, over 900 nursing services a year and welcomes over 100 people in the dormitory.

Tonia’s house

It is a residential reception community for abandoned pregnant women and mothers with children in difficulty and without a home

It is a structure of over 2,500 m2, which can accommodate up to 6 families, open to women of any nationality, religion and social origin. In addition to reception, we provide distribution of food, clothing, medicines and specific products for newborns, and offer free specialist visits. Other services offered: after-school club, toy library, workshops, legal and psychological help desk, solidarity market

The Save 72 Center

The Association was created to offer psychological support to those suffering from psychological or substance addiction.

In 2020 it started the practice to transform itself from a social structure to a socio-health structure, which will allow it to follow people also in pharmacological courses and to become an affiliated body, auxiliary of the Campania Region.