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The  Museum for All project was founded in 2015 from an idea of ​​the L’abilità non-profit association with the support of the  De Agostini Foundation, with the aim of opening the world of art and culture to people with intellectual disabilities.

Pio Monte della Misericordia is a philanthropic organization and since 1602 has responded to and provided for the needs of others committed, as we are, to ensuring that Naples’ important artistic and historical heritage is put at the service of all.

For years we have cultivated hospitality and accessibility to our historical premises and its collections, opening the doors with ever more initiatives that involve children and families, especially from the local area, and with projects aimed at special-needs visitors, such as sensory visits, in LIS, the “Braille” inclusive teaching project aimed at blind and visually impaired people, and the ScintillArte visits, where young people with disabilities from the La Scintilla Association are protagonists in the guided tours through their stories of the works of art.

The Museum for All project is fully part of the organisation’s centuries-old mission and enriches our offers aimed to the public: two tour pamphlets, one written according to the rules of Easy-to-read, a simplified language regulated by the European Union, and the second drawn up with the symbols of Augmentative Alternative Communication, offer people with intellectual disabilities a tool for a pleasant and inclusive visit, together with dedicated routes, with the support of specially trained staff.

Our seventeenth-century palazzo, with its collections, strives to be a “place of beauty” accessible to all, increasingly hospitable and inclusive for all the people who visit there.

Download the guides in Italian or English here

Or ask the museum staff for the paper copy which is available to our visitors.

Go to the Museum for Everyone website to discover the other museums accessible throughout Italy.

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