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Cultural Custody Project

The project, aimed at combating educational poverty, is funded by Social Enterprise With Children and is based in four cities: Naples, Bari, Modena, and Rome. Starting in 2021, it also begins in Milan thanks to Mitades Aps with the contribution of Municipality 8 of Milan.
Pio Monte plays a leading role and has a three-year duration, involving 400 children in educational poverty.

AC proposes to mobilize “resource families”, valorizing the experience of family care, but focusing on the specific aspect of enjoying cultural products and services.

The underlying idea is very simple. A parent, who regularly takes their children to the cinema, theater, museum, or bookstore, also brings along a child – possibly with a member of the child’s family – who would not enter these places for various reasons.

This creates a series of shared cultural experiences, through which resource families and recipient families enter into an Educational Pact.

Resource families receive a supply of “e-ducati”, a virtual solidarity currency, with which to pay for tickets to access designated cultural venues: cinemas, theaters, museums, etc.

Transactions in e-ducati are managed through a specially developed app.

Project “S.P.O.T. Sport and Theater for the cultural growth of young people in disadvantaged neighborhoods of Naples”

The project, aimed at combating educational poverty and promoting social inclusion in the neighborhoods of Scampia and Sanità, was promoted by the Alessandro Pavesi Foundation, an Assifero partner.

The common objective is to integrate three main directions:

  1. sports, through the completion of the gym of a former school in Scampia;
  2. theater expression workshops;
  3. daily after-school activities for children in Sanità. The project involves 150 boys for activities in the gym of Scampia, 300 middle school students for theater, and 80 children for after-school activities.
School Support

One of the objectives of Pio Monte is to support educational pathways for children and adolescents.

An intervention has been designed that provides economic support useful for purchasing books and everything needed for school and the child’s education, and on the other hand, a mentoring program for families, through the filter of an educator.

The possibility, in fact, that the intervention on minors has lasting effects, inevitably passes through the original family, which must support its child in this path, being the promoter of the educational action.


From 2016 to 2019, 23 scholarships were awarded to students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, awarded under the project “Seven Works for Mercy.” Following a collaboration agreement with the Italian Institute for Historical Studies in Naples, the Government funded scholarships aimed at understanding the history and institutional works carried out by this Institute.