The Roll of Honor of the Pio Monte della Misericordia: Mario Codognato becomes part of the Benefactors of the Institution in via Tribunali

Mario Codognato , director of the Anish Kapoor Foundation and director of the Berggruen Foundation, enters the Roll of Honor of the Benefactors of Pio Monte della Misericordia .

Appointment for Saturday the 11th of February at 12:00 in the Pio Monte courtyard where Codognato’s name will be engraved on the large marble placed at the entrance to the Institution in Via Tribunali. Afterwards it will be possible to visit, on the first floor of the building, the contemporary art section which has been rearranged for the occasion with the addition of the latest works acquired.


The marble of the Roll of Honor celebrates, in chronological order, the names of the most important donors and witnesses of the charitable institution starting with the founders of Monte and Carlo Caracciolo di Vico in 1607 up to today’s benefactors.

Mario Codognato is the curator of the Seven Works of Mercy project, an art and solidarity initiative launched in 2011 by the then Governor Maria Grazia Leonetti Rodinò, with the aim of strengthening an ancient relationship between Monte and contemporary art, just as happened in 1606, when the Governors of Pio Monte decided to commission the altar canvas from Caravaggio, the most modern and revolutionary artist at the time.

Thanks to the vision of Mario Codognato, his high professionalism and his generous and constant commitment, Pio Monte was able to open its doors to great international artists, who, sensitive to the values and charitable causes promoted by the Institution, donated one of their works inspired by the theme of mercy, a synthesis of the message of yesterday and today of the organization. Amongst the most important artists we acknowledge are: Sandro Chia , Francesco Clemente , Gordon Douglas , Jimmie Durham , Mimmo Jodice , Anish Kapoor , Joseph Kosuth , Jannis Kounellis , Mimmo Paladino , Michal Rovner , and Gilberto Zorio.

In 2017 the project was exhibited in its entirety at the Italian Cultural Institute in London.

Since 2019, Codognato has been part of the scientific committee of the organization, together with Stefano Causa, Paola D’Alconzo, Bianca de Divitiis and Giuseppe Porzio.


The section today dedicated to contemporary art represents an important cultural offering and attracts a growing number of visitors every year who become the daily protagonists of the social activities and welfare activities promoted by Pio Monte, supporting it through the purchase of the entrance ticket to the art collection.


Among the future initiatives for the celebrations of the 50 years of the opening of the museum complex to the public, the seventh edition of the Seven Works of Mercy project will be organized under the expert curatorship of Mario Codognato who, through the new languages ​​of contemporary art, continues in his generous and essential path of support for the charitable acts that the Monte has been carrying out for over 400 years.





Mario Codognato was chief curator of the Madre Museum in Naples and at the 21er Haus del Belvedere in Vienna (2014-2016). He is director of the Berggruen Foundation and, since 2016, is director of the Anish Kapoor Foundation. He has curated numerous monographic exhibitions and related catalogs of contemporary artists. His latest projects include Anish Kapoor at Macro in Rome (2017) and Damien Hirst at Houghton Hall in Norfolk (2018). Among his latest publications are: Damien Hirst. Galleria Borghese (Marsilio, 2021), Anish Kapoor (by Mario Codognato and Costantino D’Orazio, Manfredi Edizioni, 2017).